A very opinionated Finland!


Written 7/8/2017

(this postcard came in an envelope with a letter)

“Trump.  Personally I think this guy is a WTF joke.  Really.  OMG.  I feel like he’s naive dude whose background people whisper stuff in his ear.  I mean, he can make even craziest things happen (like this “there’s no climate weather thingies” shit.)  You.  Just. Can’t.   Say.   So.  🙂  More power to money off from people.  But, in our newspapers, they are kinda lame, they just tell about newest “innovations” like meeting with dear Putin, G20, shaking hands, selling/givin’ Taiwan 1.5 million of weapons (WTF again).  Then the old and new “women bleed and are stoopid” things.  (how does he speak to his poor wife/other family??)

Then this visa thing in “immigrants,” papers tell how families are separated and about lawyers waiting in airports.

Trump vs. Obamacare & visa case is one good example that he really don’t “think outside the box.”  And then other people have to clean his mess the best they can.  It’s like an elephant in a glass store.  But this little boy has lots of money, own and the state’s money, big weapons, he adores Putin and other “big boys” even in same time they both fight against others in Syria, bombing each other’s supported groups and killing civilians in the way.  I am very sure he will use nuclear missiles soon, just because he can push the red button – what a joy for a boy, like a Christmas toy!  KAPOW – make America great!  I think that UK had more occupated countries, that’s why they say GREAT Britain!

We are very afraid of this weather thing going on, we have very bristle nature in North.

And we are worried about this Putin ❤ Trump thing, because Putin is clever, manipulating nihilist and Trump is kinda childish.  AND we are living next to Russia.  I’m not afraid of the WAR but when they start III World War together…Who’s gonna help us survive in politics and supplies here?  What if a missile goes in malfunction and drops itself in our land?

OK.  If Putin and Trump get together, what use there is of NATO if Russian attacks somewhere in Europe?  What use there is of EU if Trump can say or do whatever he feels at some point?

And when the Big Boys in EU/Europe understand that USA (President) is no longer a buddy, what will happen.  More weapons, own military schools, etc.  then Trump looks like “we” are against “him” and KABOW.

And the free market thing…our economy is like 2% of America’s…when those exchange markets go up and down  because you never know what Trump is up to the next day.  They reflect in our economy much more than e.g. UK’s.  This guy just wants to cut off all deals and make new ones, who cares if something goes terrible wrong, he just goes golfing and leaves all the shit for other people to clean again.

And this North Korea vs. USA.  Poor South Koreans, maybe they are also coming refugees here like 23,000 people from Iraq, Syria, etc…(we have a huge immigrant problem here, where we can put them all? We are poor country with bad weather.  🙂  )

But well, I think here’s some text to read.  Sorry my mindflow & bad English 🙂

I believe most Americans are OK, some people just don’t see the big picture.  There are millions of Trumps there but they are sitting in a trailer park, with beer and grill steak, not in the top of the world.”



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