Another postcard website user wrote me a message with their thoughts:

“After registration I saw your profile -and would like to answer.
First of all the American people seem to be very nice – since I do Postcrossing, I told to my husband several times, how nice Americans are. It´s surprising. In my imagination I thought American people were much more …hm…superficially. But the “deepest” cards I got from American people. This first.
To your country: Germany and America seem to be very close,.In the past I often hoped, the anti-Russian-atmosphere would become less. I am a teacher in a German school and many of my students have a Russian background. Their familys fled from Germany in World War II, lived in Russia then an after the fall of the Berlin Wall, they come back livin´here. So I was a little bit pleased when D. Trump came to power. I hoped, Russia and USA would approach. I hope for the peace in the world, that they will. Otherwise it´s difficult to say. D. Trump is very critical seen by media in Germany – sometimes it´s seems to be a little bit absurd. So I can´t really forge an opinion about him.”